What Can I Write on My Birthday Cake Besides Happy Birthday?

Well, the answer is simple ……. Not happy birthday. 

Why should you be bothered about writing something else on your cake aside from happy birthday? 

It’s simple. You’re creative, and you want to express yourself, which is a good thing. 

You shouldn’t be restricted to just happy birthday wishes, you can write anything that comes to mind, plus we all know it’s a happy birthday, but it doesn’t have to be spelled out and it gets boring to write happy birthday on your cake every time. 

Let’s get to it. 

Apart from the satisfaction you derive from eating a birthday cake, a message is sent, a tone and mood is passed across. The birthday cake allows people to show the sides of themselves they would like to portray or just to make your friends and family smile or smirk. 

This is why we have cakes in different forms, designs, colors, and shape mostly depending on age, theme: (gothic, fancy or playful), personality, favorite football club (sport, jersey cake) or even something fun like your favorite TV shows.

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We all know the good old happy birthday inscription on cakes is good but yes, you shouldn’t box yourself into that. Inscriptions made on the cake are majorly determined by what you wish to express at that phase of your life, an inside joke or a line from your favorite movie, a vibe you just caught, mood, something trendy or just your age.  

Here, you would find cake online where you can request specific customization and it would be delivered to your preferred location. The list of things you can write on your birthday cake is endless. 

For the sake of this article, it would be categorized into Funny sayings, short birthday quotes, cheesy quotes, age-specific quotes and lines from movies.


I’m not old, just a few inches closer to death

Eat cake, give me my presents

I’m going grey already, love me now!

See who got out of the womb today

Waited an entire year 

Lucky I didn’t get aborted

Haha! Boom, still alive. 

No presents, no cake

Haha! I’m not dead, haha!

Nothing to see here

Eat me and get out! 

Don’t eat me 

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Here are some short birthday quotes you could also add to your cakes

Youth has no age 

The older, the better

One year hotter

Go shawty, it’s your birthday! 

Cheers to me! 

I suck at aging 

A year wiser

Older, hotter, bolder

Age increase but young at heart

To years that count

Congratulations to me

A star was born 


More calendar to destroy

Happy womb escape

Aging like fine wine 

God go make me bigger 

Age is just a number

Happy womb eviction

Eat me!

Aww, my youth is officially dead

It’s my day!

World (name) day

I’m cute and stuff! 

Think I’m an adult now but whatever. 

I’m wise now, don’t care. 

Out of mum and Dad’s grip

Back off. 


Gentlemen, shall we. (The Originals) 

I’ve got a feeling you’re not a kid anymore. (Wizard of Oz)

Watch out world, I’m grown now. (Grownish)

I am Groot 

Cheers to a new dispensation (King of boys)

I must have used the time stone (Avengers) 


Twenty fine 

Happy Golden jubilee

Two decades of hotness

Spicy at forty

60 and still rocking it!

To a phenomenal woman

Cheers to being an adult 

Old not grey, can still bike. 

I can drink now, I’m 18! 

Finally, I can do what I want. 

Awesome at 80

Yikes! I’m 20

Sweet 16 


Grateful for life

Big age, big God

Aging can’t stop me

It’s all about me 

I’m a phoenix

As beautiful as ever. 

To new beginnings. 

This cake is all mine! 

Birthdays are one of the most significant days of a person’s year that usually reminds us of how far we have been alive and help us be grateful for the year before and look forward to the year ahead and a celebration is usually a good expression of that gratitude.

Now that you know there are a million things you can write on your cake for your birthday that would still portray that you’re celebrating a new year, what interesting quotes have you come across that you loved, inspired you, or made you laugh out loud? Share with us. 

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