How to Order?

Are you looking for where to order cake online today in Lagos? You don’t have to sweat and go around asking everyone where to buy cakes in Lagos. Be rest assured that for all your birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes in Lagos Island or Mainland, CakeLagos is your number one reliable platform to order a cake online and get it delivered fast and yummy.

We are more than just a cake booking website we deliver a brand promise more powerful than that. We bake your cakes with perfectionism, process your cake order with speed and reliability. Our customers are king, and no matter the size of your cake order, we regard you as highly important. Doesn’t matter where you are in Lagos, ordering cakes from our platform is very simple but in case you are experiencing any issue, please chat will our customer success officers and let them guide you on how to order cake online from us.

Buy your cakes from us and be glad you did today


Select a Cake

Select a cake of your choice cake from any of our online stores and send us your order


Confirm Order

Confirm your selection by sending us your order and any additional add-ons


Receive Delivery

Make a commitment fee and receive delivery of your cake. Pay balance on receipt

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